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Current Projects


Sarma Residence, Palo Alto, CA – Modular below Ground Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater re-use system

This project captures the essence of an integrated site design. The owners added a small (less than 200 square feet) separate studio structure detached from the modern 1,500 square foot main residence. Their goal was to minimize the impact of the additional water usage while capturing bath, shower and sink water for re-use purposes in the backyard addition patio areas which will contain raised beds for veggies, herbs and also several fruit trees surrounding   the perimeter of the property.


CalWater Solutions devised a dual-purpose design utilizing both Rainwater Capture and Greywater re-use maximizing the on-site roof areas of both the main house and studio addition for rainwater capture and storage to use as an irrigation source for the existing front turf-grass landscaping. The second aspect was to utilize both existing and proposed bathrooms to supplement the irrigation source for the additional fruit trees, herb and veggie gardens with the implementation of a completely automated greywater system. The system allows the homeowner to easily switch their bathroom sink, showers and bathtub to drain to either the greywater surge tank or the city sewer outfall with a simple flip of a switch in either bathroom (main house or studio addition). This feature allows for a simple and safe way to irrigate the backyard fruit trees, herbs and veggies with secondary re-use water while also easily switching back to the standard city sewer connection when using harmful bleach, chemicals or other non-biodegradable cleaning agents.


CalWater Solutions designed, installed and will soon maintain this system for continued sustainability and success of the project for years to come. The combination of both systems are estimated to reduce the residential property water usage by between 50-75 percent compared to conventional irrigation methods.

Completed Projects


Stevens Residence, Berkeley Hills, CA – Hot Tub Greywater re-use system

This residential project saves the owner approximately 7,000 gallons per year of irrigation costs by utilizing water from a non-chlorinated hot tub to irrigate a bamboo stand below the surge tank. This non-pressurized drip irrigation system is gravity fed and requires no pumps for a low maintenance reduced cost water conservation solution.


Berkeley 8th Street Lofts, Berkeley, CA – Commercial Irrigation Project

The project manager of the 8th Street Commercial Kitchens approached CalWater Solutions to install an automated drip and bubbler irrigation system for an updated landscape layout for this up and coming mixed-use neighborhood in West Berkeley.


Back-up Potable Water Supply system, Los Angeles, CA – Residential install

The environmentally conscious home owner already had a complete greywater system to provide on-site water sourcing for his residential landscaping. Additionally he requested a design that allowed him to utilize captured rainwater from his roof as a back-up potable water source in an emergency preparedness plan. This system design goes through a triple treatment process (media filtration, activated carbon & continuous UV treatment) to provide a safe and dependable back-up water source in case of an   emergency.


San Francisco Department of Public Works, San Francisco, CA – Stormwater Design & Install

Working directly with the City/County of San Francisco’s Public Works Department to design and install a solution to the departments ongoing maintenance problem, this was one of the first Bay Area projects that Brent tackled. The low-cost and ease of maintenance solution continues to benefit both the city/county of San Francisco and it’s residents.


Shields Residence, Potrero Hill, San Francisco, CA – Bathroom Greywater re-use system

The environmentally conscious home owner approached CalWater Solutions with the idea to utilize her daily bath, shower & sink usage as source water (greywater re-use) to irrigate her native plant species in the back yard during a unseasonably HOT summer and fall. CalWater Solutions devised a low-tech gravity flow system complete with ten adjustable drip irrigation ball-valves which irrigate her mature plants throughout the year without using clean municipal drinking water.  


USC Gateway, Los Angeles, CA – Low Imapact Development (LID) Commercial design & install

With a keen sense of environmental stewardship this design/install project at the University of Southern California’s Gateway Campus allowed the client to meet the city of Los Angeles’s strict stormwater requirements while remaining low-cost and unseen in this downtown high density development. Brent’s ability to coordinate with large municipal agencies, contractors, sub-contractors and utilities speaks volumes of his almost two decades of construction   and engineering experience.


Low Impact Development (LID) Design, Atlanta, GA – Residential design & install

As one of the earliest Low Impact Development pioneers in the south, Brent’s cutting edge designs and low-tech design solutions now are standard in the small cities and counties throughout the Metro-Atlanta area like, Decatur, Clarkston, East Lake, etc…


Below Ground Modular Rainwater Harvesting system, Hollywood, CA – Residential install

This design provided the home owner an environmentally conscious alternative solution to meet the city of Los Angeles’s strict stormwater treatment guidelines. The owner was able to meet the code requirements to treat the additional impervious roof areas created by the Studio/Apartment addition while concurrently creating a symbiotic relationship between the addition and the irrigation source for required additional plants required to meet the   Landscape Plan requirements.


Drotos Residence, Berkeley Hills, CA – Bathroom Greywater re-use system

CalWater Solutions empowered this progressive home owner to fully realized their goal of on-site water conservation by providing a greywater re-use design specifically tailored to the on-site conditions. CWS utilized two (2) separate bathrooms (sinks, shower & bath tub) to provide an on-site source water for the irrigation of their existing native species garden. By employing two (2) automated three-way valves wired to switches inside each bathroom, the owner can easily switch between draining the greywater to either the garden or the city sewer outfall when using harmful bleach, chemicals or other non-biodegradable cleaning agents.